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I considered converting one of my cars into a manual, but this 1995 Thunderbird showed up on the and I purchased this 5 speed converted Thunderbird and a cache of parts in March of 2017 from a TCCOA member in St Paul MN with hopes of completing the creation of what she is today. He had installed a Mark VIII engine, 3650 Tremec and a custom driveshaft and had plans but events change circumstances.
I remember a couple jokes that were made when I went to pic her up. "What helps a man get over my MN12 affection? A new GT350 Mustang!!!" The other was, "Why do MN12 owners exist? Because they're cheap bastards".
He did take me on a ride through the streets of downtown St. Paul MN in that GT350, Wow. We pull up next to a gent driving his 7 series BMW, sipping on a cup of coffee and Nate says "I think he wants to race!" and away we went. Just the blast of the exhaust probably made him spill his coffee, good times.



The engine is a modular Boss50 block with Manley 3.700 forged flat top pistons and modified & balanced, Coyote 2013 Boss crankshaft and rods. The short block is topped off with CNC ported heads, 224 duration cams, FR500 intake manifold, 39lb injectors and Kooks headers. The trans is a Tremec 3650 with 4.10 gears out back but will soon get an upgrade, I just ran across a 2009 GT500 T56/6060.
A Super Coupe 140MPH speedometer & seats has been installed. The fronts will need to be reupholstered in time On the console, I was on the fence for a bit. I had both a 95 SC console and emergency brake or a 97 Thunderbird console with cup holders. I chose the latter. A Hurst shifter sets in the console nicely.
The paint and body work will be starting soon.
Fresh paint has been completed, 4/22/2020, along with a fading rocker stripe
I've always liked spot lights, so I figured how to install one through the door frame. I placed LED light bars on the hood at the vent openings and installed 96-97 thunderbird head lights.
The exhaust starts with Kooks mid-length 2.5 into a Dyno-Max Dual in / Dual out muffler into True Benz 2.5 dual exhaust pipe that passes through the rear bumper into a Gen 4 Camaro exhaust exit.
The factory sway bars have had the bushings replaced with polyurethane. The rear LCA have been replaced with Mark VIII aluminum and polyurethane bushings
Wheel and Tire
Staggered 17x8&9 XXR 531 wheels and Firestone 235/55/17 front, M&H 275/50/17 rear.


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I have a question. I have a 1997 T-Bird and have the t-5 swap installed with the shifter now located properly, Can anyone give me some advice/guidance on clutch pedal installation? I purchased a set for a 96 Super Coupe but it seems they are very difficult to make work, I think there will be a lot of fabrication to make them work. Please advise me if you know what I need to do. Thanks