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Cougar XR-7 Special Edition
Deep Iris Metallic
Special Edition (paint/vinyl graphics, interior, wheels)
I am the 3rd owner, purchased in September 2014 by my mom and dad for my 21st birthday. Had 88,500 miles when I got it and was bone stock. First day I removed air intake restricting cone.
November 2014 the Throttle Position Sensor (or a wire attaching to it) went out and threw a code. Fixed by just connecting new sensor to wires and zip tied off to adjacent hose on intake system. CEL still on to this day, and have had no luck with over half a dozen shops trying to fix it or at least find the exact source of the problem.
January 2015 gas line at top of fuel tank/pump area broke and started to leak when running. Repaired for $250 at local shop after a Ford dealer estimated it to be around $2500 to repair.
February 2015 replaced front pads and rotors. Discovered they were factory original. Had to cut head off one bolt holding left front caliper to the caliper bracket due to extreme rust that totally filled the allen drive head slot.
August 2015 serpentine belt broke when the A/C compressor pulley locked up. Replaced with junk yard unit and new belt. Upon starting learned alternator was also locked up on pulley bearings. Replaced alternator and battery.
October 2015...a sad day. Got cut off by someone on an interstate exit ramp while I was looking around blind corner to prepare for a right turn when they decided to stop for the traffic that was over 150 yards away and going 30mph. Ran into their left rear corner and my right front corner light and fender got destroyed. Repair still pending as I only have liability coverage.
2015 Mercury Cougar XR-7 Special Edition (Deep Iris Metallic)


Bone stock with exception of air intake restriction cone removed. MAF sensor replaced with new Motorcraft unit in December 2014.
Special Edition white leather seats with grey cloth inserts and grey plastic/vinyl dash, leather wrapped steering wheel and grey carpet.
Stock Deep Iris Metallic paint with Silver Frost vinyl on bottom 1/4 of entire car and laser stripes with Special Edition package.
October 2014 had the car undercoated with matching Silver Frost colored coating material as well as small softball sized rust spot repaired on front edge of left rear wheel well.
Bone stock.
Bone stock.
Broken springs in all 4 corners and alignment is off. Got a job as a tire/lube tech at Royal Tire in Monticello MN in June 2015, will be overhauling and fixing in late winter of 2016.
Wheel and Tire
Stock 1994 BBS style Special Edition alloy 15" wheels.
Summer Tire: Craigslist special 195/65R15 Goodyear Assurance TripleTread directional tires. $100 for all 4 with DOT date less than a year old and 10 to 8/32 of tread depth left. Couldn't pass it up! Will replace with new tires in spring of 2016 due to wear from bad suspension and alignment.
Winter Tire: General Altimax Arctic 215/70R15. Purchased from Tire Rack for $66 each in November 2014.



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