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  1. Audio / Electronics
    sorry for the re-post, but i did not post in the correct section to begin with. Hello there, my ole 89 thunderbird with the NA 3.8 has an issue where whenever the light fuse is in the running lights on the corners of the vehicles are stuck on. I think i narrowed it down to a bad dimmer switch...
  2. Audio / Electronics
    I'm in the possession of an 89 Thunderbird with the 3.8, and it has no brake lights or power going to the brake lights when the pedal is pushed. I also believe it has a bad dimmer switch as when the light fuse is in the corner lights stay on, but while trying to make sense of the wiring, and...
  3. Brakes
    I have a 89 mercury cougar xr7 and my abs module is leaking. I can not find any refurbished abs modules, does anyone know how to or have done a conventional conversion?
1-3 of 3 Results