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  1. Newbie doesn't understand conversion

    I just bout my 1995 T-bird LX v8 yesterday. Seemed to roll clean off the lot but, there's always one thing they don't tell you about :) The drum brakes gag Yeah, they're a little past their prime, so I'm shooting for a conversion. I know this question has been ask before, and I wouldn't be...
  2. 75 shot on my 4.6?

    Nitrous Oxide N2O
    I have a 1995 thunderbird with a 4.6. It is in excellent condition mechanically and under 100k miles. That said, would this thing thing be good to handle 75hp worth of spray as long as I got a good professional tune? Got a good deal on a nitrous kit and want to know. I Was thinking of...
  3. car running rough sometimes and getting awful gas mileage

    Engine - 4.6L & 5.4L
    here lately my car has been running rough it idles and runs as smooth as a new car sometimes and sometimes you can feel like a miss and the alternator gauge bogs down and then when it smooths out it goes back to normal its also has a brand new alternator in it having the air on doesn't make a...
  4. Introduction Post

    Newbie Forum
    I bought my 1995 Thunderbird LX about 6 months ago because I needed a car, I could afford it, and I trusted the seller. not because I particularly wanted a Thunderbird. That being said, 6 months later I have grown to not only to put up with this car but to enjoy it. I am planning on repainting...