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  1. Engine - 4.6L & 5.4L
    Hi, I am going to be attempting a pi intake swap on my 1996. I can't find the actual info I need, so I'm asking. 1st, would an 08 crown Vic police interceptor intake fit? It does have bolt holes for a coil on plug ignition, but I don't think those would interfere. I found it for 50$ at a local...
  2. Audio / Electronics
    I just picked up a Daimler Chrysler P05064173AG Head unit for 4$. Supposedly it works, didnt come with wiring harness or antenna wire thingy. My old double din got stolen and they completely ripped up my center dash panel. The unit will physically fit there now, but how hard would it be to wire...
  3. Drive Shafts
    The title explains it all. I hear and feel a slight vibration at highway speeds and at low speeds it feels like something underneath the car is tearing itself apart. Pulling into my driveway makes a terrible vibration feeling. I don't know what could cause this, but I have a feeling its the...
  4. Stick Transmission Swaps
    So I’ve just gotten a 96 tbird as a project car. It has the 4.6L. I wanna do a T-45 swap. Im looking for good threads or sites for parts I need or similar builds to help me know how to build it and what I’ll need. I plan to get a custom driveshaft made and get a tune after the overall install to...
  5. Cars For Sale
    Looking to trade my 1996 Thunderbird lx for a supercoupe or possibly turbo coupe, let me know what you got. I'm located near Chicago
  6. Newbie Forum
    What's up Guys and Gals? I first saw this car when I was 15 years old (2000) when my folks brought it to KFC where I worked. I fell in love with these cars cause Dad drove one as an investigator. I put a lot of time and love in this car and drove it like I stole it. I traded her in around 2005...
1-6 of 6 Results