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  1. General Tech
    Are all the nylon lines coming off the top of a 1996 fuel hat 5/16 nylon or is the one that is connected to the supply a 3/8. Today a parts store gut went ohh its 3/8 but that nylon hose seemed very loose. I returned it but I have never played with nylon hose do you heat it to shrink it?
  2. Parts For Sale
    Hey guys, I've got a set of snowflake wheels that I've been trying to offload for months. If anyone's interested in buying them, I'll include the ebay link here, otherwise, just msg me. Please help a broke grad student out🙏 Thank you everyone! Also, I'm selling my 96 T-Bird 3.8L, if anybody's...
  3. Brakes
    I just got a pair of front calipers and brackets that will fit the bigger rotors and pads in the front for the sport package. For some weird reason the remanufactured caliper and caliper bracket don't seem to work. They fit well together but the guide pins on the calipers have 3 flat sides and...
1-3 of 3 Results