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  1. engine 4 sale

    Engine - 4.6L & 5.4L
    I just found on a market place a 1997 mustang motor and t56 transmission. Now I'm not interested in a standard transmission ( well maybe but not now) I am writing on here cause I think I may have my final plan for a motor completely done. With a non-boost and a boosted plan. First I would get...
  2. 1997 Thunderbird instrument cluster bezel

    I’m looking for the bezel that goes over the speedometer. I was fixing my clock on the other bezel and when I removed my cluster bezel most of the tabs are completely snapped or busted. When I reinstalled the bezel it is not tight on the right side and wobbles. I am more than willing to pay...
  3. Silver / Gray Drivers Front Seat Belt 1997 / 1998 Mark VIII8

    Silver / Gray Drivers Front Seat Belt 1997 / 1998 Mark VIII I need a drivers side front seat belt with retractor plus the buckle side (attaches to seat). It must be from a 1997 or 1998. I need one with a good working retractor, because mine is slow to retract and winds up getting caught in the...
  4. interchange 4R70W 98 with a 97

    4R70W Transmissions
    Hi everbody Transmission (98) died on my F150 and I found an used one (97) for a fair price. I found I found some information on this website, still have some doubt I understand some update has been done on the 98 and understand clearly how to swap a 97 with an upgraded 98. But I am in the...