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  1. Newbie Forum
    Hey everyone, I'm a new T-Bird owner fixing up a 1993 LX, 3.8 L V6 at 136,640 miles. I'm getting started in the joys of DIY repair and am glad I came across this site. I recently completed some front suspension repairs with help from some members here, so thanks to the community. Now I'm facing...
  2. Drive Train
    I have a 97 lx with a 3.8 that’s super mint which is absolutely slow. here recently I got my hands on a 95 lx with a 4.6 which is ratty looking all the interior is trashed so the goal is to pull the engine, trans, wiring harness and computers, drive shaft, rear end, linkages for throttle and...
  3. Engine - 3.8L & 4.2L
    Im getting a old 1987 for Thunderbird running again after it sat for 12 years and I want to know what kind of spark plugs to get... I know it's probably has motorcraft coppers in it but would it hurt to put like a platinum or double platinum or e even a iridium for a one of the E3 plugs
  4. Engine - 3.8L & 4.2L
    replaced the OEM 130amp alternator on my 3.8L '96. Rather interestingly, a new Remy at RockAuto was about $100 - same as a reman unit. OEM alternator lasted 174K (20.5 years) - but charging voltage was dropping - I have a voltage indicator plugged into a supplemental power strip and routinely...
1-4 of 4 Results