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  1. Overdrive indecision... Am I just driving wrong?

    4R70W Transmissions
    I've read a lot here about turning off the overdrive in town to prevent frequent shifting. How frequent is normal? If I'm going 35 up a hill (for example), and it's just the right grade, is it ever normal for the transmission to immediately switch back and forth between 3rd and 4th gears-pretty...
  2. Transmission shifting hard or not wanting to shift

    4R70W Transmissions
    Hello all. I've been putting this off but I'll try to explain what my transmission is doing in my '97 T-bird 3.8. I've searched the forum to no avail trying to find a solution. From a stop it shifts fine from first to second. If it's cold outside it shifts slowly (like someone slipping a...
  3. Happy owner of old/new 96 Thunderbird

    Newbie Forum
    Hello Just wanted to make an introduction I just bought this 1996 Thunderbird LX with a 4.6l with 135k miles on the clock rust free in fair condition.. Its Bright Red with Gray leather interior in fair shape everything works.. interior wise Motor runs great.. However..... The transmission slips...
  4. 94 Valve Body Solenoids Soft VS Hard Wiring Harness

    4R70W Transmissions
    Hello, I have a 1994 Ford Thunderbird LX 4.6 with the 4r70w with 96,000 I suspect that the Torque Converter Clutch Solenoid (TCC) or the Shift Control Solenoid have gone bad. I am experiencing delayed upshifts at high RPM from 1st 2nd and from 2nd to 3rd. If I manually shift from 1st to 2nd...
  5. gouge in trans pump cover

    4R70W Transmissions
    I think I made a terrible gouge in my trans pump cover when removing the seal. Its an 05 f150 4.2 V6 automatic. Can anyone tell me how bad I fudged this up? or would the new seal cover it and prevent from leaking? fingers crossed. Also, this truck has the 4R70W transmission in it. I have only...
  6. interchange 4R70W 98 with a 97

    4R70W Transmissions
    Hi everbody Transmission (98) died on my F150 and I found an used one (97) for a fair price. I found I found some information on this website, still have some doubt I understand some update has been done on the 98 and understand clearly how to swap a 97 with an upgraded 98. But I am in the...