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  1. Newbie Forum
    Hello everyone, this is my first post. I recently bought a 1990 super coupe and have had nothing but issues with it. The engine was rebuilt less than 10k miles ago and the head gasket is already blown!? It all started when I bought it, the thermostat gasket was leaking quite badly, the water...
  2. Brakes
    I have a 89 mercury cougar xr7 and my abs module is leaking. I can not find any refurbished abs modules, does anyone know how to or have done a conventional conversion?
  3. Brakes
    Does anyone know the part number for the rear ABS speed sensors to a 1997 M Cougar 4.6l? Can I just use the ones from the 1997 Mustang?
  4. Brakes
    1995 4.6 LX. ABS with Traction control. ABS cluster light on. Grounded a pin on the ABS test plug and came up with error code 63, no signal from pump speed sensor. Makes sense since I haven't heard the pump turn on for 19 mph system check since this error started. Based on the groups expert...
1-4 of 4 Results