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  1. 4R70W Transmissions
    First time posting so I’m not sure how this works but I’ve got a 96 F-150 with the 302 that the trans blew up in and I got a new one from a buddy of mine that came out of a 96 Mustang GT 4.6. They look to be the same trans but the new one won’t fit up right. Is there anything I can get to make...
  2. AOD Transmissions
    My transmission is starting to go as in 3rd gear my AOD in my 92 tbird sport revs up really fast past 2500 until it hits 4000 before catching on so I think the gear is shot. I found a 87 tbird 302 transmission for sale, would that fit in bird? If not what would I need to do to make it fit? And...
  3. AOD Transmissions
    Any suggestions for a rebuild kit? Trans goes in an 83 Tbird with 5.0
1-3 of 3 Results