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  1. Engine - 4.6L & 5.4L
    Just got a 97 Thunderbird LX from my boyfriends brother. He’s currently in the military so the car was sitting for quite some time. Their dad charged the battery a couple times and let it run throughout the years. We decided to just take it into our hands. We replaced all the spark plugs, all...
  2. General Tech
    My 94 xr7 4.6 w 53k actual miles I recently saved from an elderly yard. 160$ yup. Stole her. Ran great after new fuel pump assy. Love this powerful tire schmokn coug. Then after 2k miles of fun.. bam.ugh... turn the key no solenoid engagement . Searched everywhere as it's common problem. Checked...
1-2 of 2 Results