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  1. Audio / Electronics
    When I get in my car to start it I have to put my key into the start position but not crank it, just let my fuel pump and fan do its thing until they turn off and I can crank it to give it a start. The fuel pump/fan thing can go on for about 4-8mins before its gone through its thing,whatever it...
  2. Audio / Electronics
    Hey guys, I'll get you up to speed here. I am having a battery light come on sporadically. It doesn't seem to change regardless if the car is at idle or at high rpms. It just seems to come on and off at random. Took the battery out and had it load tested and it failed. The car has been sitting...
  3. 4R70W Transmissions
    I drive a 97 Thunderbird and I disconnected my battery to redo the positive cable because it was super corroded. I reconnect the battery and now my car is shifting weird and way too often. It feels fine when I am on the gas but when I let off it does something in the transmission feels and sound...
1-3 of 3 Results