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  1. Exhaust
    I was just wondering what is the best exhaust cutout that is either manually or electric and is in a good price range? I'm wanting to install it where the resonator used to be or after it in the small straight section after it, I've also been searching on what is the best sizing for it but I...
  2. Wanted
    Hey all. Im lookin for some aftermarket exhaust manifolds. Anything that isn't straight up broken basically.
  3. Exhaust
    I have a 1992 tbird sport 5.0 and I’ve been meaning to do some exhaust work to make it sound nice and loud while opening but still be comfortably quiet while cruising. I’ve seen videos and posts about muffler deletes but people say there will be a drone in highway rpm’s. I mostly do highway...
  4. Exhaust
    Has anyone tried using a set of longtubes from an F-150 with the 4.6? found some for sale and was wondering if maybe they would go in without any modifications.
  5. Exhaust
    About a day ago I started getting a really bad stumble, felt like a misfire. Came to the conclusion it was a clogged catalytic converter, rotten eggs smell and the spark plugs were bad only on one side of the engine. So in conclusion, they're coming off :) I had been planning on getting an...
1-5 of 5 Results