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  1. Supercharging
    M112 on 302 1992 thunderbird sport 5.0 I am starting this thread as I have finally decided what I am doing with my car after contemplating all my possible options and I have figured that I want to go with a supercharger! I am starting off with a Lightning M112 that i picked up for a good price...
  2. Wanted
    Looking for a section of the rear quarter panel that has the gas door assembly. Color does not matter, just need it to be free of rust.
  3. Engine - 4.6L & 5.4L
    Hey guys. I’m trying to diag an issue, my car is stalling when putting it in gear, only when it’s cold. What should the fuel pressure be? I’m seeing different answers everywhere. Little background info on the car. It has PI heads, stage 2 N/A MHS cams, 190 lph fuel pump, 24 lb injectors, and...
1-3 of 3 Results