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  1. Interior
    I tried searching for this specific rundown but couldn't quite find it. What I'm looking for is the complete sequence of steps for swapping a normal (1995) Thunderbird rear seat to a fold-down rear seat (just the upper folding half). I know that I would need the L-brackets to replace the...
  2. Interior
    My 1997 Thunderbird has an ashtray in it and I have recently bought a cupholder for it so I could change it out. The cupholder is brown while the rest of the interior is black. My three questions about this are: 1. Where can I buy paint for my cupholder that will match the interior? 2. Outside...
  3. Interior
    Is there a good way to re-attach the cloth inserts to the door panel of my '96 T-Bird? It looks like the foam backing has deteriorated and separated from the cloth and the door panel. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
1-3 of 3 Results