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  1. M5R2 5 Speed Transmissions
    I have a 92 tbird 5.0 that i swapped in a M5R2 from an 89 sc. I finished the swap abit ago but i don’t have a parking brake, not sure what is wrong with my foot parking brake as when i press it there is no pressure back and it barely locks when its floored and it’s still doesnt brake when it’s...
  2. M5R2 5 Speed Transmissions
    So basically i am swapping an M5R2 from a 1989 SC into a 1992 Sports tbird 5.0 I am having alot of trouble finding a machine shop that will balance a flywheel locally and most of them are confused on what im asking and only 1 of them would have a balancer but i would need to make a shaft jig to...
  3. Stick Transmission Swaps
    I have a 1992 tbird sport 5.0 with the AOD transmission that gave out on the OD so i am trying to figure out what to do before summer arrives. I know a guy that has a 1993 super coupe with the M5R2 and he’s selling the car for 400$. Its not running and has been sitting in a feild for quite a...
  4. M5R2 5 Speed Transmissions
    Hoping to get some answers, been trying to research for a few hours and looking for parts. This is a parts list/walkthrough on what i need and how to do the swap after a bit, I think this is a manual swap for an automatic SC to a manual SC. I wanna know how different it would be for a 5.0. My...
  5. Stick Transmission Swaps
    I have a 95 Merc xr7 with the 4.6 with I believe is a F1AE or the F2VE casting. I also have an M5r2 from a 300 I6 out of a 96 f150. Will this unit work on the 4.6? If not, what do I need to look for?
1-5 of 5 Results