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  1. Stick Transmission Swaps
    Greetings everyone all the way from Ireland! 🇮🇪 You may have seen my shots of the bird in Belfast in the Facebook group. I picked up my 95 T-Bird a few months back, the cars low mileage has cosmetic imperfections but drives really really well. It's lowered on Bilstein all round with H&R...
  2. Stick Transmission Swaps
    So I’ve just gotten a 96 tbird as a project car. It has the 4.6L. I wanna do a T-45 swap. Im looking for good threads or sites for parts I need or similar builds to help me know how to build it and what I’ll need. I plan to get a custom driveshaft made and get a tune after the overall install to...
  3. Wanted
    Hello, I am looking for a manual transmission clutch pedal assembly from any MN12 car for a stick install in my Mark VIII. Please let me know if you have one available. Would prefer assembly including brackets, pedals (brake if hung from same place) and clutch master cylinder. Thank you for...
1-3 of 3 Results