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  1. 1995 mark 8 for sale

    Cars For Sale
    80k miles, starts instantly cold or warm but runs rough above 3500 rpms Uncle was one owner. Gifted to my sis who has had it sitting in garage for 2 years. Will add photos later today
  2. Parting out 94 Mark VIII Lime Green w beige interior

    Parts For Sale
    I am parting out my 94 Mark. I am keeping the engine and transmission. Located in Tabernacle NJ 08088 in Burlington County. Please let me know what you need and include your zip code and whether your address Is residential or a business. I will be taking requests for only 1-2 weeks, then I...
  3. 97-98 Mark VIII Grill Lower Fasteners - What the Heck?

    I searched here, another Mark VIII forum, and Google with no luck. I have removed the bumper cover and just need to remove the lower grill fasteners to remove grill from the bumper cover, but I cannot figure out what type of fastener or size it is. My eye sight is not great, but it felt like a...
  4. Silver / Gray Drivers Front Seat Belt 1997 / 1998 Mark VIII8

    Silver / Gray Drivers Front Seat Belt 1997 / 1998 Mark VIII I need a drivers side front seat belt with retractor plus the buckle side (attaches to seat). It must be from a 1997 or 1998. I need one with a good working retractor, because mine is slow to retract and winds up getting caught in the...
  5. Mark VIII Owner from South Jersey - Longtime Ford Fanatic

    Newbie Forum
    I just joined the forum. I probably first viewed the TCCOA site over 15 years ago via links from the Lincoln Of Distinctions Forum. This site always had great tech articles and offers more to any MN12 owner via the inclusion of all variants than the Mark VIII sites. I figured it was time to...
  6. Lets try something different- Mark VIII on the sand

    General Tech
    Building a Mark VIII for the sand For the last 5 years, this 97 Mark VIII has been my daily driver. With now 278,000 miles on her, I thought it would be time for retirement and I picked up a new DD this weekend (another 97 Mark VIII :wink2:). With this car done with regular driving duty, I...