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  1. WTB MN12 Supercoupe Clutch Pedal Assembly

    Hello, I am looking for a manual transmission clutch pedal assembly from any MN12 car for a stick install in my Mark VIII. Please let me know if you have one available. Would prefer assembly including brackets, pedals (brake if hung from same place) and clutch master cylinder. Thank you for...
  2. Introduction Post

    Newbie Forum
    I bought my 1995 Thunderbird LX about 6 months ago because I needed a car, I could afford it, and I trusted the seller. not because I particularly wanted a Thunderbird. That being said, 6 months later I have grown to not only to put up with this car but to enjoy it. I am planning on repainting...
  3. MN12 Service Manual

    If the mods think this should be somewhere else, then move it to that location. I posted this on the FB TCCoA page last week, but I'm just now able to post it here. I wanted to post this in the Tech Articles of the forum, but I obviously don't have permission to post there. For those of you...