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  1. General Tech
    I have my 1996 almost together but it constantly has a no crank issue. I have ground straps every way. I have placed the safety switch in every position. I recently got a tune from a man called John lighting in Pennsylvania. Is there something I'm missing it turned over about 3 weeks ago and...
  2. General Tech
    My 94 xr7 4.6 w 53k actual miles I recently saved from an elderly yard. 160$ yup. Stole her. Ran great after new fuel pump assy. Love this powerful tire schmokn coug. Then after 2k miles of fun.. bam.ugh... turn the key no solenoid engagement . Searched everywhere as it's common problem. Checked...
  3. General Tech
    Before a few days ago my car would start and run fairly well but somehow that all changed after the last ice/snow storm. Originally the only time the engine would cut out for a just split second was when taking one particular on-ramp that turns you around 180 degrees before ending with a fairly...
1-3 of 3 Results