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  1. Tires/Wheels
    Up to any suggestions for nice wheels for my 1990 thunderbird sc. I would love to hear what others have on theirs and any suggestions that anyone has.
  2. Stick Transmission Swaps
    I just picked up a rotted out 89 manual tbird supercoupe for really cheap. My question is will the rke bolt up to my 4.6? I have the clutch pedal assy and hydraulics for the clutch. I have all the wiring stuff to make a dummy plug for the the trans connector. And have a way of working around...
  3. Super Coupe
    Hello, I’m kinda new here, but was recommended tccoa as y’all might be able to help with my problem. I recently took on a project which entitled an 04 mustang with a 94 3.8l super coupe engine. Harness, pcm, ecu, and all electronics needed to start are here. The car had ran before but after...
  4. Wanted
    Hello, I am looking for a manual transmission clutch pedal assembly from any MN12 car for a stick install in my Mark VIII. Please let me know if you have one available. Would prefer assembly including brackets, pedals (brake if hung from same place) and clutch master cylinder. Thank you for...
1-4 of 4 Results