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  1. Suspension
    So the studs that protrude from the top of the front shocks are sticking out different lengths. Is this potentially 2 slightly different shocks or did I mess up?
  2. Suspension
    Hey there, I have a 91 super coupe that at the very least needs new struts all the way around, and i figured while i was at it i would just replace most of it IE balljoints, bushings, control arms, ect. I would like to not spend my entire life savings taking on this project, and would like to...
  3. Suspension
    Hello all, Getting ready to do a full front suspension rebuild on my bird. It's a 94 4.6 with 115,000 miles for reference. The problem I'm experiencing is that the steering wheel won't return to center on its own. Pulled both front wheels off and the whole thing looks shot. I've read that it's...
1-3 of 3 Results