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  1. Engine - 4.6L & 5.4L
    Howdy folks hope all is well. Recently Was thinking about getting rid of my 07 BMW 5 series(got a fender bender and insurance wasnt set up fully yet and i fear cost to fix is too much) and going back to the good days of Classic V8s. In particular i was hesitant to either rebuy a 97 V8 Tbird and...
  2. Suspension
    I replaced my rear wheel bearing and the hub was machined down from the bad bearing. From what I've found there is 0 aftermarket and most likely will have to go to a scrap yard to find another. And at the scrap yard I'm sure youll have to buy the whole knuckle assembly unless you can press it...
  3. Newbie Forum
    Hello everyone, I’ve recently got my Thunderbird 97 registered under my name. It was a late graduation gift from my parents. My dad got the car from an old lady, who passed away, and sold the car for 2,500 at 30,XXX Miles. At the moment of making this post, the bird has flown over 88,XXX miles...
1-3 of 3 Results