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  1. Torque Converters
    I recently placed a 2003 pi motor in my 96 tbird I reused the flexplate and torque converter from the 96. It had 200k about ish and, the new motor had 70k.. my question is do the studs on 4r70 torque converter are they Known for stripping I bought brand new 3/8 by 28 Mr gasket nuts and they...
  2. Torque Converters
    1996 Ford Thunderbird 4.6L Torque Converter Original posting got deleted for “spam” So I have a 1996 Ford Thunderbird 4.6L that I’m ready to go all out in building it to where I’ll eventually swap in a 5.0 Coyote engine. Car is currently bone stock. I’m J-Modding the transmission(75k miles)...
  3. 4R70W Transmissions
    I think I made a terrible gouge in my trans pump cover when removing the seal. Its an 05 f150 4.2 V6 automatic. Can anyone tell me how bad I fudged this up? or would the new seal cover it and prevent from leaking? fingers crossed. Also, this truck has the 4R70W transmission in it. I have only...
1-3 of 3 Results