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transmission not shifting

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  1. 4R70W Transmissions
    So I started this with my 97 cougar xr-7 with the 4.6. Car has a prob 200k on it. I just did a filter kit with fresh mercon v. All went smooth. No leaks. Before the filter kit I started getting weird shifts. Mostly just 1-2 but reverse felt awful and sometimes 2-3 would be hard shift also. I...
  2. 4R70W Transmissions
    Hi everyone! How you guys are having a great day! My 2009 P71 Crown Victoria is having a really weird transmission shifting issue. I noticed it last night when I was driving home from my parents house. The car starts and runs perfectly fine, however, when I put my shift selector in Drive, the...
  3. 4R70W Transmissions
    SO, here's my problem: I just swapped in a 97 4r70w I got out of my junked tbird into my crown vic after having issues with the original vic trans. It started out amazing, then the next day it started to slip progressively worse and worse, then the next day it wouldn't even fully engage drive...
  4. Drive Train
    Hey guys hows it goin? Well, I have a '96 Tbird thats AOD...Lately I have been going thru some tranny issues and having a really hard time trying to diagnose the actual problem...A while back my NSS had failed...I had been noticing that when I would shift it into reverse, the turn signal fuse...
1-4 of 4 Results