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  1. Drive Train
    Hey everyone. I placed an order on BCA's website on the 3rd of this month for their pre-drilled Jmod kit. I received a confirmation email upon ordering but haven't heard anything since. Tried sending an email on the 13th just to see what the status of the order was and have not received a...
  2. 4R70W Transmissions
    Hi everyone! How you guys are having a great day! My 2009 P71 Crown Victoria is having a really weird transmission shifting issue. I noticed it last night when I was driving home from my parents house. The car starts and runs perfectly fine, however, when I put my shift selector in Drive, the...
  3. 4R70W Transmissions
    Will a transmission from a 97 mecury grand marquis fit into my 1997 mustang Gt they are both 4r70w trannys but will it fit into my mustang if not what would I have to do to make it fit
  4. Newbie Forum
    Hello Just wanted to make an introduction I just bought this 1996 Thunderbird LX with a 4.6l with 135k miles on the clock rust free in fair condition.. Its Bright Red with Gray leather interior in fair shape everything works.. interior wise Motor runs great.. However..... The transmission slips...