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  1. EEC Tuning
    So I made the mistake of running a mustang tune on my 96 thunderbird through a sct tuner and while downloading the tune it flooded the engine so I reverted it back and it flooded the engine even more so the engine got emptied sparkplugs got changed and it won't start it turns over but it just...
  2. EEC Tuning
    Ok guys I looked for a good while and I could not find what I was looking for. I have a 92 5.0, I would like to run a turbo, I seen one post about how 94-95 mustang ecu is a pretty simple swap, anyone know about or have done this? Should I just get a standalone like the universal 302 holley...
  3. EEC Tuning
    I have a 94 T-Bird, 4.6 2V, stock block, swapped PI heads from an 04 mustang gt, comp intake, 70mm throttle body, stage 2 comp cams, beehive valve springs, 24lb injectors, stage 3 shift kit, 2800 stall converter, change the rear diff to 3.73 with trac loc. Im trying to avoid having to get a...
1-3 of 3 Results