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  1. Tires/Wheels
    Hello everyone! I have a 1997 Ford Thunderbird LX and I love the car but am not a huge fan of the stock rims especially considering they aren’t chrome. I know we have a weird bolt spacing size and was wondering if: 1) anyone had a set of wheels for sale that fit the stock spacing size or 2)...
  2. Tires/Wheels
    Hello everyone! I am looking for new wheels for my 1997 Thunderbird LX. I am running a stock setup and don’t want to do a hub swap. I am looking for recommendations on wheels. Also interested in any wheels that somebody on here is willing to sell. Thank you everyone!!
  3. Parts For Sale
    Hey guys, I've got a set of snowflake wheels that I've been trying to offload for months. If anyone's interested in buying them, I'll include the ebay link here, otherwise, just msg me. Please help a broke grad student out🙏 Thank you everyone! Also, I'm selling my 96 T-Bird 3.8L, if anybody's...
  4. Tires/Wheels
    Up to any suggestions for nice wheels for my 1990 thunderbird sc. I would love to hear what others have on theirs and any suggestions that anyone has.
  5. Parts For Sale
    Selling my winter rear wheel/tire setup for my T-bird, which we no longer drive in the winter. Interested? I'd like to get $100 for both, but will consider all reasonable offers. I'd be happy to deliver them, locally, if necessary. Goodyear Wrangler 215/75/15 Mud & Snow with alloy wheels...
    $100 USD
  6. Exterior
    What do y’all think is the best route to go for swapping stang hubs on my 97 Tbird? This is something I’ve been debating for a while and I want to know if swapping the front hubs and drilling in the rear is the best way. Also what do y’all think of my unique take on the bird?
  7. Tires/Wheels
    I hope someone can help me out here. I plan on doing the Mustang 5x4.5" hub swap. When I do I want to get some 17x8" rims and tires to match, probably 245/50R17s. But there are a lot of choices out there and since that bolt circle isn't meant for MN12 I expect that the wheels for Mustangs...
  8. Tires/Wheels
    Hey guys! Wondering what you guys recommend for wheels with the 5x4.25 bolt pattern... don't really wanna do a hub conversion. I have an older set of American Racing rims on her right now... I like sparkle! I prefer Chrome :) I am fine with polishing them all the time as I polish these every...
1-8 of 8 Results