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The tech article titled:" All AOD, AODE and 4R70W" reads:

Anyone who owns a AOD, AODE or 4R70W transmission it is very important that you replace your 1-2 accumulator ASAP! They like to go bad. It was part of a TBS and thus not required by Ford to recall all AOD and AODE transmissions.
Reason: Aluminum style wears out the case and burns up the 2nd clutch. 1-2 accumulator piston changed from aluminum to molded rubber. (Updated molded rubber style) F7AZ-7F251-AA. (See picture)
Recommendation: Always update to the rubber accumulator. If the bore is worn in your case you can salvage it by Scothbriting the bore real good and installing the rubber piston."

The AOD does not have a 1-2 accumulator, here are two treads with comments on the subject:

Art M.
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