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Up for sale are Roberts 170* thermostats. RobertP and I are using them, plus a number of other members across the board are using these thermostats. Now you might think how will this benfit me? Well before I was using a 180 thermostat and my coolant temps were still hitting 210 on a hot 103 day. After using the 170 my coolant temps stayed around 190.

Now according to RobertP that did an experiment with boiling water and two thermostats...... 180, and 170. The 180 was actually fully open at 190ish.
The 170 is fully open at 180. These will work fine with the stock tune. But will work better with a tune that way you can adjust the fan settings to your needs.

The price is $20 shipped for 1
If you buy 2 its $36 shipped.

if your interested in one either pm Robertp or email [email protected]
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