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Hi I have a 1984 thunderbird that was a pa car. It was stored in a barn but the floor must have been half dirt the back half of the floor is rotted pretty good. I am cutting up the car for a hobby stock dirt car. I purchased the vehicle less engine and trans somebody has converted to a 302 drag car. Most things I will sell off the car. Like all glass, side mirrors, all interior (gray)/seats and dash. Most electrical wiring and lights. 4 lug steel mustang rims with brand new tires. Keeping 8.8 rear but will sell the 4 lug axles. Doors are pretty solid and close nice. Fenders, trunk lid and hood also decent. Complete rack and pinion.with steering wheel and complete column.
Will share more pics.
Negotiable on price. Can arrange good shipping rates if you cannot pick up.
Will trade for ford circle track parts, ford small block parts and older 70s style gearbox steering setup. Cash is King though.


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