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I haven't decided if I'm going to part with it...but I am curious what it'd go for. I don't have pictures at the moment, but will post some later today or tomorrow, depending on when I get home from work.


I have a 1986 Mercury Cougar LS. It was driven by my grandparents from the day it was off the lot (July '86) until about 1999. They gave it to my dad, who gave it to me. So I have a complete history of the car from day one (paperwork and all)...I will attempt to re-create it here. :)


Some of the Options (Standard features can be found here

5.0L V8 Engine (stock), AOD Tranny, 22.1 Gal Tank
Full Console (I think?)
Climate Control (works)
Electronic Instrument Cluster
Rear Window Defrost
Illuminated Entry System
Power Mirrors
Auto Parking Break Release
Speed Control
Tilt Steering Wheel
Wing Windows
Interval Windsheld Wipers
Power Antenna
Power Seats
P215/70R14 WSW Tires
"Luxury" Wheel Covers (spoke ones)
Diagnostic Warning Light System
Headlamp Convenience Group
Light Group
Power Lock Group

I've probably missed some. hehe


The car is in fairly good shape for its age.

Here's what the car needs:
- a paint job (19 years of sun + my grandma thinking she could remove sap with nail polish remover...egh)
- a drivers side tail light lens cover, which I have but haven't installed,
- a buzzer module (the one in the car has an intermittent short so sometimes (not very often) it dings kind-of like a door is open, but not quite (hard to, and it only happens when the headlights are on. I replaced it once before because that one eventually did it constantly.)
- a drivers side tail light lens (I have one but haven't installed it)
- outside trim pieces (the chrome on most of the trim is pretty dead...I have some extra trim pieces that are in fairly good condition but are not installed)
- sun visors (the drivers side visor cloth is starting to rot, duct tape was placed on it to prevent it from ripping more, the positive wire is broken. Passenger side mirror was replaced with a standard visor without the lights, the cloth was starting to rot as well & positive wire was broken)
- drivers side power door lock (doesn't work any more. I have a replacement motor...but like the other pieces, I haven't installed

The car has about over 120,000 miles on it and runs well. It does leak a little oil, but it only leaks when It's been ran. In between oil changes and if the car is driven daily, you may put about a quart of oil in. The car has a new (4 years max) power steering rack, power steering pump, alternator, smog pump, water pump, master cylinder, valve cover gaskets, spark plugs, cap, rotor, battery, fuel filter, K&N air filter, shocks and struts (struts may be 5-6 years old), belt, fan clutch, radiator (replaced factory radiator with a bigger 2 core radiator), and heater core.

The rear-end is a little sloppy. It clunks a little when shifting gears and when you let off the gas fast at some speeds. I had a shop check it out, and they said the wear is perfectly normal for the car's age and is alright.

Last summer the car was in a fender bender. I drove it out to Albuquerque, NM (2nd trip with it!) to visit a friend and was hit by a Ford F150 on the drivers front fender. The fender and part of the door were damaged. I replaced the fender, but haven't got the door fixed (it has some scratches that may need to be bondo-ed...will take pics).

Everything (besides what's mentioned under what the car needs) works. Cruise control works and is within a 1 MPH accuracy, auto climate control works both A/C (coldest I've felt) and heat, power mirrors work, power seats both work well, the interior is in pretty good shape.

Between my grandparents, my dad, and I, we have just about every single receipt, invoice, and record on when the car has been worked on. Like I said, I will work on getting many many pictures posted. Pictures of the good, and pictures of the bad as well.

I know I'm forgetting things....Questions are welcome!

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Hi Thunder 04. My daughter has this car with 80k on it. I was just playing with it today. It needed new plugs. Left driver's side no problem but the passenger side plugs are a PIA to get in and out. The car has a vaccumm leak and I need to find it. I didn't have it jacked up but sounds like it's coming from down by tranny. I will have to get it up and have a look. Not sure what's leaking but I can hear the hissing. It won't take the gas because of this. It wants to stall. More work to come. This might be why the AOD isn't shifting right. She has that and I am working on my 77 thunderbird. I just has tranny rebuilt c4 with heavy clutches and cargo shift kit. Yeah the rear gear is pitiful 2.50 so I ordered 3.70's and a torque converter for it. Hell she runs out of steam at 4k. I will play with motor once I get her on the road. How is your cougar running? This is a nice car for my daughter. We found it with no floor board rust which is amazing for it living it's life up here in Erie PA. Rich people who bought it new would keep in in the garage here in Erie and do to FLA for the winter so she didn't see all that salt. Yeah that AOD is like stuck in first gear but my thoughts are that the vaccum leak has it doing this. Trying to help her and work on my car too. Dad"s responsibilities I guess. Here have a look at my 77 work in progress. I had to save this car. I just had to. Good Luck. Cheers brother Ford Fan.


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