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I have a 1989 Tbird that from time to time my check engine light will pop on, well after reviewing the problem I found out I'm getting Code 91. My question is if code 91 is saying the engine is running lean on the drivers side (Bank one) then what could be making this happen?

The light will pop on after around 25min of driving and stay on till I shut the car off, after I restart the car the cycle will restarts it’s self.

When the light started coming on around 5 weeks ago I ran 2 full takes adding lucas fuel injector cleaner, after that the light did not come on for around a week then last week it popped back on so I used the Maxlife fuel injector cleaner and it kicked the light back out for another week yesterday the light came back on but today it's gone.

Could this be a bad drivers side O2 that’s sending mixed signals to the computer or do I really have a problem here?
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