Not to sure on price. This car has been in the family for 15+ years. Just don’t have time for it anymore she needs a better home. Like I said tho not to sure on price need some opinions. I’ll start with the cons, there’s wire pinching somewhere in the dash. Took the whole thing out to replace heater core (not fun) after that all the problems started happening, radio doesn’t work, dash no gauges work, the heater is in and out, some electrical problems, OD doesn’t seem to click on, now on to the rest. There’s a small oil leak not bad known about for 1+ year hasn’t gotten worse yet, definitely needs a paint job only primer is on the car rn, that’s all the cons I can tell as of rn. NOW for the pros, NO RUST AT ALL, car sat covered up for most of its life, has jerry mod done to the tranny, I have a whole other tranny for the car with about 125k on it couldn’t tell you the miles but I know it’s not over 160k low miles if you say so. Great car I mean amazing car motor still sounds like it’s brand new, I have lots of extra parts for the car had stripped a 95 down that had a blown motor so parts are no problem, give me some opinions on what I should price her. I have no idea I’ll get some pics if there’s interest