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Do you need to replace/repair at least one or both of your Tbird LED taillight assemblies?

1994 Tbird LED Taillight Solutions?

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Both trunk-lid mounted LED taillights are completely out now on my 94 Tbird. I’ve been reading existing posts on this but they are quite outdated. The replacement Hewlett-Packard LED strip don’t appear to be available any more, for instance. Obviously the OEM Ford parts are long sold out.

My car has been garage kept since new with only 36,000 miles so I’d hate to put some old hazy, scratched up junk yard parts on it.

Has anybody come up with any current solutions to fixing/replacing these?

(Please take the poll if also need a taillight. ‘Perhaps someone will come up with a good solution if there are enough documented customers.)
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Matt did a writeup, if I remember. Search for it, there was a link to a strip that's really close from a surplus site. I don't know if they still have them, it's been years.
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