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This is just a heads up. I was at the U-Pic-A-Part in Washington Park, IL yesterday. Walking through the ford section I spotted a dark blue Thunderbird in one of the rows. I am always drawn to them when at the yard, having owned one for a few years.

This one was special, as it is a 1995 SC with an automatic transmission. The car is complete, with the exception of the right front wheel. This car has the gray leather interior with the fold down rear seat in tact (a very handy bolt-in modification). The center console is complete, along with the hand brake assembly

I just thought I'd let people know of this relatively rare junkyard find. If you are at the yard, it is in the far left row (against the fence between the cars and the parking lot), in the closest section to the building.

I will not pull parts from the car & ship, I'll let someone else do that. :)
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