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1995 cougar problem... someone help. please

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I have a 1995 mercury cougar xr 7. About 6 months ago it started to drive weird. First out of the blue it started messin up (the battery wouldnt hold a charge and I kept having to get it jumped) Then i went an bought a new battery. After i got the new battery another problem started, it would idle real high. I had someone take it to autozone and put on the machine and they said it was the mass airflow censor, so he got a new one an put it on but it still had the same problem. He took the mass airflow censor off and it idles high for a few seconds but then it went down to normal and it has a miss, but if you put the mass airflow censor back on it it will idle high again. I had another guy come out an look at it an he said it seems like it is the fuel injectors not getting enough gas so he check the pressure an that was fine, an then he said it may be the fuel pump going bad. I dunno what the heck is wrong with it, but im close to pulling all my darn hair out over it cuz it is seems like it is going to be somthing small to fix, and i have already paid 2 different people to come out an look at it. any help would be greatly appreciated.thanks.
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sounds like something might be shorted out...
I would take your IAC valve off and see if its dirty. Its the black module on top of the throttle body. I replaced mine a few months ago and my car stopped idling high. This is one possibilty out of many for high idling though =/. Good luck!
yeah check the IAC first. Was the MAF sensor you installed new or used?
If used, it's probably just as dirty as the old one. try cleaning it, carefully.

Also, my SC ran like crap for the last 2 months, and I couldn't figure it out. Then the fuel pump went out. When I replaced it, it ran like champ, or well like an SC.
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