Decided to sell the Cougar. Wanting to get back into a Foxbody Mustang.

4.6 auto, 134,243 miles, leather interior. Runs and drives great, cruises at 80 comfortably. It is in really nice shape, not perfect but very presentable.
Body is very straight and only rust I have found is on the inner bottom edge of a door. That's it, otherwise rust free.

I tend to list every conceivable negative when selling, as I don't like to be surprised, I'm sure others don't either. I call the car the Mini Marauder as it has the look with the 18" wheels, that are off a Fusion. One inch spacers put the offset back very close to stock. Tires are like new Michelin, 235/45-18. I'm not a paint guy, but can tell the front fenders have had some paintwork. In certain lighting, you can see a very slight mismatch. You gotta be looking for it to see it.

Interior is in good shape, back seats look new, passenger is good and driver has a worn bolster. Other minor issues are passenger mirror moves up and down, not left and right, power antenna goes up and down fine, but clicks at the top and bottom. I put a new mast in, still does it. I never listen to the radio, so disconnected it. It had an air bag light, traced the problem to cut wires going thru the radiator support from the front passenger sensor. Code went away.

Occasionally there is a very random "check gauges" light that appears for a second or two. Previous owner did not disclose that the odometer was switched out at 79k. I found out afterwards when running a CarFax which mentioned the discrepancy. When I titled the car, I listed the correct mileage as 131k, not the 51k that was showing on the odometer. Again, I don't like surprises. There is a new battery, front rotors and pads. The original wheels with great tires are included with the car. Any questions or other pics, please ask.

Thanks, Tom.