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I would get both whites, then paint the straight white first, finishing with the pearl (actual name is opalescent, IIRC).

I had a 95 that was the opalescent, and I could never get a good look with just the pearl, it was too dark. This is considered a tri-coat color. Supposedly, they paint white first, then the pearl, then the clear. The pearl needs a base.

The pearl may be getting hard to come by. I couldn't find it many years ago, but I may not have searched as hard as I could have because of the poor results I was getting anyway with just the pearl. I never got to try the white/pearl 2 -step idea.

BTW, these paint touch-up bottles go bad really quickly after being opened. If you manage to find the pearl, might want to pick up a couple.

I had got a bottle of touch-up paint for my 94 Bird (Light Evergreen Frost) and it didn't last long after it was opened! It cost $13 at the local parts store. They had to order it.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts