I hope this post does not violate the "no commercial" policy. I don't own the junk yard in question. I just want to help anyone trying to keep their Thunderbird on the road.

I scrapped my 1997 Thunderbird LX 4.6L a week ago. It did not make sense to put the money into it to fix it. The car is at the Pull-A-Part on Centennial Blvd in Nashville, TN. From what I have seen of these places, the doors will be open. So I would recommend getting any interior parts you might want quickly. The instrument panel bezel is cracked. The speedometer would drop out on occasion or not work until the car shifted to second, so I would avoid the speedometer chunk unless yours is completely dead.

The body is in decent shape for a 25 y/o car. The paint is peeling on hood and trunk. The paint color is Opalescent Pearl.