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After long consideration, I have decided to part with both of my 1997 MN12’s. Due to increasing age and declining physical ability I can no longer enjoy these as I once had. Both are 1997 with 4.6 and automatic with all standard equipment (power steering, brakes, windows, power driver’s seat, AC etc.) Both have the original drive train (at least as far as I know or can discern).
No. 1 is Pacific Green with Light Prairie Tan interior and has 202,000 miles on the clock. No.1 is all original except the intake manifold has been changed to the updated version. Brake lines have been replaced and new pads were installed. Newer GY tires are installed. Normal wear and tear is present. The vehicle runs good but will throw a P134 code (run too rich 1 or both banks) which I have traced to a probable leaking intake.
No.2 was purchased for the drive train as I was planning on keeping No.1 for a longer time. I was going to remove the drive train and any other useful parts and scrap the rest, but decided to restore it. I replaced 2 doors and the right front fender with OE parts from a donor fond in a local auto recycling facility. The vehicle runs rough due to a coolant leak at the heater hose connection on the intake leaking into the spark plug well. No.2 is Moonlight Blue with Medium Graphite gray interior. The interior was damaged as a result of a break-in (door also damaged when the perp busted out the door lock) but I have obtained better door panels and dash / console parts from donors. For what it might mean to someone, this vehicle was one of the last T-birds to be built in September 1997 before production stopped but I have not been able to determine the actual placement.
The clear coat is peeling on No.1 and No.2 will need a complete paint job due to dings, scratches and mis matched colors on the doors and fender.
I am looking for the best offer over $2500 for both. I will be happy to answer any questions and will provide additional info, pics, etc upon request.

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