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ok now that my tweeter are in i got JBL GTO's
Peak Music Power: 180 Watts
Power Handling: 60W RMS

now i need an amp but i've never amped interior speakers before...
Kicker 150.2:
RMS Power Output: 38W x 2 @ 4 Ohm
Peak Power Output: 75W x 2 @ 2 Ohm
Kicker 250.2:
RMS Power Output: 85W x 2 @ 4 Ohms
Peak Power Output: 170W x 2 @ 4 Ohms

is the 250.2 to much power? what are your opinions?

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I always have more amp power than speaker rated power;

Just don't crank it till it smokes!

You are better off with more power, because clipping will destroy speakers faster than too much power.

If you don't know why, keep reading threads; we all discussed it last year, sometime...
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