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2 questions!

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Hey guys I have 2 questions.

1. my motor mounts sucks and I’m not trying to pay rediculous prices for solid rubber mounts. I’ve seen on here you can do the hockey pucks, my question is how many pucks do I need to space the engine up to the same level as the stock mounts? Has anybody done this and wouldn’t mind sharing info??

2. I’m wanting to build custom upper and lower control arms, the stock bushings suck cheecks. I do have new arms and bushings about a year old. going with heims on the contact points on the body side. My question is, where can I find the ball joints needed to be able to connect the new arms to the spindle?? I’ve been looking around and can’t find anything, there plenty websites that sell the tubing and heims but I can’t find any that sells the ball joint portion needed to connect the arms to spindles.

This is the idea, just need a lead on the ball joint side. Thanks in advance!!

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Fluid filled mounts arent the best in terms of performance, but do a great job at controlling NVH 👍 which I don’t really care about.

You might like the mushy feeling the stock bushings give but I don’t. With heavier wheels and brakes they really aren’t doing their job controlling all that weight. Do you have any leads?
@jco1385 thank you for the tip but I have a 97 lx with the 4.6 so a bit different. I’ve checked Rockauto and nothing only place that has solid is SCP and he’s charging too much for my blood. Which is why I’m looking for any experience with the cheapy hockey pucks

@Trunk Monkey hahaha I wonder how that would take an on-ramp at 90mph 😂

Thanks for the picture! I have seen Rods torque chain before just wasn’t sure if it’ll be a good match with these fluid mounts I have.
Thank you for the picture, I’m assuming it’s only one the driver side? Looks fairly easy to do, I’m pretty sure the local hardware store would have those components in stock! What size bolts are those? I feel like the stock mounts don’t really do a good job of securing the iron hunk of metal. It might be me, but I can feel that sucker bounce around on rough roads. Motor mounts are about 2 years old btw.
Sounds good thanks for the advice! Just gotta make sure I don’t get some weak stuff that’s gonna break after a few months.

Now all I need is a lead on those ball joints! I know it’s overkill but I really don’t like those strut rod bushings, they simply weren’t meant for any type of spirited driving. The added weight of the saleen and cobra brake most def arent helping it out.
@Grog6 your talking about the motor mounts or the torque chain?

@XR7-4.6 is that what it is?? I could swear I literally feel what you’re saying, the bushings are being pummeled by the uneven roads. I could just imagine the handling of the bird had more control over the arms!
@Grog6 I got the bushings from SCP and while they do their job, they simply suck and I don’t want to be replacing them yearly I need something with some more NVH haha

thanks I’ll ask em!!
Heim joints will only make a difference if you are genuinely track racing your car.

Going to heims on the street is a good way to have the most uncomfortable, ungodly ride you'll ever experience. First hand experience from driving my buddies SN95 drift car.

I still have stock bushings everywhere on my car, save for the differential and the knuckles. And I throw my car into a drift at 80mph. They feel just fine.

I like the enthusiasm. But dont do that to a street car. Keep to the poly bushings from SCP if anything.
I just went to scp to see the prices and god damn! 130$! I had them a while back and honestly hated them plus they didn’t last more than a year. And they still didn’t give me the feel I was looking for. Currently running SCP stock style bushings which to me suck cheecks.
As it is the ride is pretty knarly, I’m running 18” saleen on 275/40/18. Full delrin in rear with solid irs mounts and I can feel like the front wheels move around too much when hitting pot holes, I just can’t stand it! I wouldn’t mind it the NVH was a bit more than it is now except if it actually handled well.

I found that qa1 sells ball joints needed for making a custom control arm I just don’t know which one would fit our lower spindle.I’d really like to go forward with thisas I have access to fabricators at my job and I’m sure they can do this. Just need all material and a jig of our stock arms. I’d even scratch the idea of heims and go for bushes sleeves on the ends. I recently seen this joints called Johnny joints that supposedly are better than heims

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If you think stiffer bushings(well, no bushings at all in this case) is going to make the bump steer any better you’ve got another thing coming.
Haha don’t burst my bubble 😂 man I’m just fed up with the front end. I really wish ford had gone with a traditional an arm up front. It might be me just exaggerating I guess but I gotta do something soon.
@XR7-4.6 what a bummer the 275’s look so cool up front 😎 my biggest gripe is the strut rod bushing. Under heaving breaking, im running the cadi brembo’s you can really feel the bushing being smushed by the weight of the car. I’m pretty sure that is what is really hiking back the front end.

Something like the MM arms for mustangs. They use bushed sleeves instead of heims.

Only thing really holding back this project is my lack of how to go about the ball joint side. No idea what pieces to get. I’ve seen videos on how to make a control arm jig and it seems fairly simple. My welding skills aren’t the best but good enough to make a jig. And send it to an actual fabricator and have them do it.
I see what you mean, there’s plenty of cars that have this setup, the last gen GTO has strut rod aswell so it can’t be that bad. LA roads are horrible and the constant braking and rough terrain wears these suckers out quickly specially at almost 4000lbs haha. I highly dislike the idea of constantly changing these out tho. It seems like the easiest idea is to just make a heim strut rod. Similar to how the 60’s mustangs have readily available and a couple fellow members on the forum have done. Seems easier than making a whole arm.

I also plan on getting this other project on the road soon, I’ve been talking about it but it’s time to handle this scandle. Let me know what you think, it’s an X brace for the shock towers. I’m planning on using square tube maybe .083, .120 starts getting heavy heavy. Keeping the strut bar and tying it to just above where package tray.

I will say I’ve noticed how the new cars, mustangs in particular have the shocks double bolted to the frame rails. I’m assuming it’s to control the shocks pulling and pushing a forces. Which I’m assuming the x brace will help by keeping that area stable.

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I do remember you talking about the pivot location. I’m pretty sure it won’t help in the handling dep, but I’m still sure it’ll be better than that sorry ass bushing being pummeled every time the brakes grab.
You think that company your posted would make a custom piece for our cars?? Or if we can maybe drill out the holes and get bigger sleeves to accommodate our strut rods?? That’s still cheaper than the stock style bushings over at SCP, what a joke he charges for them.
@XR7-4.6 I see what you mean, wouldn’t be the best way to go about this situation. I wonder if I email them and ask about our cars, maybe they would be willing to knock out a set for us. Obviously they’d have to have a strut rod from our cars. Would it be worth the hassle to ask?

@racecougar you know what, I genuinely think all the alignment shops around here don’t know **** about adjusting our suspensions. I’ve been to a couple shops over the time if had this car and I always feel like they suck.
A couple years ago I had a 2001 mustang gt and most def the bird is a better all around car no doubt about it!
@Grog6 so I just emailed the company with our need for their product. I’m hoping to hear from them soon and I’ll keep all of your guys updated with the answer. If all goes well we could get a group buy from them, hopefully there’s atleast 10 people who would want one haha.
Sheesh if the SCP stock style is about 140 I wouldn’t mind paying a bit extra to get rid of that damn bushing! I seen the AMC one cost about 160 from that website. Very reasonable I think, as it should last a lot longer.
Good morning in the morning fantastic news!! They replied to my email. The only thing is, I don’t have a strut rod on hand or a Kmember to measure the hole where the rod mounts.

Now what I can’t do is, call the guy to explain because I’m a blathering Buffon and will completly forget some details he’d want. So if somebody here, who is much more eloquent than myself can contact the owner and explain to him what the deal is that would be great. I would be able to hit the junkyard next weekend to snag a strut rod and bushing to send over to him. Or if somebody has one on hand and can send it over to him, I’d gladly help pay shipping. I’d really love to get the ball rolling on this. Any takers? I’d say one of you OG’s in the bird game should call em up since you guys have a lot more knowledge on the matter than myself.
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