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2002 GT MAF Question

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Must I have a Jerry chip for this to be of any use? I have read the 2002 GT Mafs are a good alternative to the Lightning. I need upgrades.


what will I need for this to work on my 94 LX
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No, you don't HAVE to have a chip, but if you want it to work right, then the chip is a must. The '02 gt maf is superior to the lmaf for n/a cars, might be a different story with forced induction.

You will need a newer maf wiring harness, i think '96-'97 mn12s or '96 up gt stangs will have the right one, but not sure. Also, need an adapter to mount the maf

You don't *have* to have a chip for bigger injectors, but I'm sure you would love to run your engine without compensating for them inside the EEC???

If you change your MAF, you need to change your transfer function, period. Expect to get a chip, or have your EEC reflashed.
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