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Just thought I'd let everyone in on how to do this if anyone is interested in doing it. I bought an 02 Mustang GT intake tube from Dan for 20 something dollars shipped. With the help of Brian I was able to do this and thought it might be helpful to just post it so everyone can see how it's done.

-First, you cut the tube in half right between the two vacuum hose connections. It's easy to do, you just go along the side of the raised ridge all the way around. Flip on end of the tube over.

-Cut off the vacuum connection on the tb side of the tube (the one without the plastic insert). cut it flush with the surface of the tube.

-Cut a 3" aluminum pipe about 7-8" long and cut one end at an angle. Stick the end with the angle in the tb side of the tube and put the angle in such a way that it blocks off that hole from the connection that used to be there. put the other end of the pipe in the other piece of tube and clamp both sides down tight. You can see from my pics that the hole is not clamped off, but it's tightly pressed against that aluminum pipe and it won't leak at all.

-cut a piece of 3" aluminum pipe about 2" long and stick it in the hole where the throttle body would normally go, then take the piece off the stock violin case that has the hose connection and clamp it on top of the end of the tube. The aluminum pipe will provide a hard material for clamping force.

-Now you've got a tube that will route correctly for the 94-95 and will fit upto a 90mm LMAF on the end. Believe me the 90 fits. It took about half an hour to squeeze that dang thing on there but it fits nicely. Here are the pics.

**the piece from the violin case isn't pictured because it's still on my violin case on the motor. I'm waiting for my apten chip to run the 90 LMAF.**

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