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Anyone with idea's for club events in 2006 - post here and we'll get a list going. Most idea's will go and we'll see what we can come up with. They don't have to be auto related either.

Local Events
- 2006 Dyno/Tune - Click here for information
- Track Days - Depending on the fate of Scribner, we might try out Mid-America Motorplex, but it's always a possibility
- BBQ somewhere again?
- Americruise - July 28-30 in Lincoln

Regional and National Events
- SC/GTP Club Clash in Earlville Iowa - Check out the SC Club of IA for more information on that
- Possible Midwest meet in Kansas City in the spring?
- 2006 Super Coupe Shootout

Other ideas?
Go Kart Racing
Auto X
Cruise Night
Tech/Repair/Mod Day – come on a volunteer basis only
Softball Outing vs. ?????

Just a heads up as to what we might be doing this year. If your interested, PM me, e-mail me ([email protected]) or e-mail Nebraska Thundercats ([email protected])

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