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Well since I've learned that these wont work with my cam I figure I might as well get rid of them. I got these from Morana racing and they are made by Harland Sharp.

Here's the discription from The Marana Racing website.

3.8 1.8:1 bolt-on Roller Rockers
powder coated gold
Bolt-on or stud mount
approx. 15-18hp.

No shims or machining prep. required for the heads.

Plenty of clearances for ANY Ford 3.8 V6 engines.

Simply replace your existing stock rockers, with our 1.8's...torque to 20 lbs. and prime lightly with a bit of oil, to avoid chattering, with the initial start up.

Enjoy the power!
Good for a bolt-on 15-18+hp increase.

Ideal for those who want a relatively quick-installing mod. which requires no additional parts.

I double checked with Tom Morana and these will bolt on to any stock 3.8L SC or Non SC. Good for Mustangs too.
I'll get some good close up pictures of them but they still look brand new.

$260 OBO. New they were $350.

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