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Ok here is the long and short of it i am currently in the market for some parts for my 351w and i have a few questions, but firstly i want to stay with stock rods and crank and i want to use heads that came stock on ford motors. Also i will be looking at running e85 at about 12-1 with dome pistons... but with that i am still in the toss up of spend the money to stroke and bore or aluminum heads what will i get more out of?

my question is what are the best possible flowing heads that came stock on fords that will fit a 351w?

And what have you guys seen done to 351w's my target is around 500 hp what have you seen done to get there?

also sorry for the broken up questions and writing but i have issues :rolleyes:
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A good set of aluminum heads will give you the most power...stroking the motor is worth power, but then you will be restricted by your cylinder heads if they don't flow well for the displacement.
A 392 stroker will make 500hp with good heads, cam and induction, It'll make power as good or better than those 383 chevy stokers that chevy guys are so proud of, and there's lots of those being build to make well over 400 hp.
A 393 stroker is very easy to build. I'm actually building one right now for my 91 cougar. The 393 uses 351W rods with 302 pistons and a custom crank with a longer stroke. I got my crank from a guy on ebay who has them on there all the time, and it only cost me $200 shipped to my door. I think the forged ones were like double that, but I didn't get a forged crank because I'm building a street car that will never see boost or nitrous, so there is really no need for it. I don't know much about how E85 behaves in the combustion chamber, and whether you should get forged internals for it, but that really doesn't make much of a difference other than having to spend some more on the parts. As far as the compression ratio goes, the stroker would help you there too. The heads I am using have a 63cc combustion chamber, and with the pistons I was originally going to use (flat tops with 4cc valve reliefs) I would have been at 11.4:1. I am running 93octane pump gas, so this was too high for me, so I got pistons with 8cc valve reliefs to put me at 10.6:1. With some flat top pistons with no valve reliefs, you would be just over 12:1, assuming you have the same size combustion chamber as the holley heads I am running.

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the best flowing stock windsor heads were the 69-70 4 barrel heads, casting numbers C9OZ and D0OZ they have around a 59 cc chamber they have a 1.76 intake valve and a .94 exhaust valve, you'll have to have hardened exhaust valve seats installed, but they work good.
Or you could find a set of boss 302 heads or small chamber 2v cleveland heads (4v heads flow to well, no bottom end), I think edelbrock still lists a intake manifold that allows you to use these heads on a windsor block
i guess there are just to many good options but i am thinking now that i will be looking to run 500hp on motor and e85 and then i will be spraying 2 stages to get another 250 to 300hp so if i will need huge flow and with the spray the bottom end wont matter much.. but does any one know of any good write ups or people that have proven HP?
That is a lot of spray, and a lot of power. If thats your goal, then I would reccomend a stroker kit to go bigger than 393. I think you can get a 351W block out to as high as 427ci. I say build a 427 stroker, get some high flowing aftermarket heads, like maybe AFR 205s, and then you will probably need a custom made intake to flow that much. Are you going to go carbed, or do you want to keep fuel injection? If you are going fuel injected, then you might have problems with finding injectors big enough that the stock computer can run. You might have to go with an aftermarket fuel injection setup for that. Another option would be to maybe drop your compression down a bit and boost the hell out of the motor. That would probably be an easier and more reliable way to make the 750hp that you want.

A friend of mine who owns a engine machine shop, built a cobra sc kit car, used a windsor block to build a 427, used 4v cleveland heads, that thing screams :D
The 351W can be max stroked out to a 454 but as you go up your max rpms go down. A 427 stroker is safely good to a little over 6K unless you want to toss a bunch of cash at it.
I think it was Hot Rod Magazine that did an engine buildup to run on straight ethanol-although it could have been methanol? Regardless they should be very similar. That was about 3-4 months ago not sure what issue. If you want to use stock heads you should be planning on bigger valves a good port job and better springs. The clevland head swap is definitely an option.

Youre planning on using a lot of stock parts to reach a rather lofty goal I think. For the power levels you want I think youre definitely looking at aftermarket rods and pistons. The crank is probably ok. I think with the amount of money youre going to have to put in heads you should just buy an aftermarket set. You can find great deals on ebay.
From the looking and knowledge that i have is that i will do just fine with stock rods and crank that should not be the issue here and i guess the reason that i am looking at using stocker heads is that fact that well its COOL to make that much power with of the line parts. Also it will be a carb i am looking at a high rise dual carb set up flowing around 650 to 800 and then the e85 well that i think is just cool also. Yes i have also see the Clevor build ups but that would not be cost effective for what i am trying to do, and yes the head will be all worked over i wont have anything old accept for the rods and crank..

also looked at methanol and that is a bit harder to work with but it is nice to not have to worry about cooling systems at all! :)

still my question is do you guys that have done 351s 5-0's..... think that i will see more power form stroking or a good set of heads?
You would be better off with good heads. Here is an article with gt40-p heads on a 351 with a healthy cam-

They made 374hp @ 5300 rpms. = low 13's in your car. Kinda pathetic, because they used stock junk. You could probably get 400 hp with more compression, cam, and intake.

I'm building a 342 with those heads. I'm probably going to have to swap them when it isn't fast enough:rolleyes:

If that was a 393 the power would have been the same and died off at 4800 rpm. Throw some Vic Jr heads and a 393 crank in there it would probably make 475 hp. That would give you the potential to run 11's in the quarter.

Once you add up the cost of quality pistons a cast stroker crank will be cheap. You can get around 12-1 compression with 302 flat tops in a 393. The stroker will give incredible torque, which is needed in a heavy car.

Your 500 hp goal is possible with some big flowing 200+ cc aluminum heads in a 351 or a stroker. The stroker wouldn't have to rev as high and would be more streetable.
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408 Stroker or even better a 427, 10.5 to 1 compression. AFR 205s or even better the 225s heads, 520 lift cam and 236 duration and a 112 lobe sep. 1.6 roller rockers and a ported Victor JR or Super Victor intake and a Grant 850 carb. 1 3/4" custom long tubes. This should get you to the 500hp and 500 lbs and then you can top it off with a 150 shot of funny gas for laughs. 3:90 rear gears and shift the motor at 6000. It should be a wild ride and streetable.
You are not only better off going with aftermarket heads you will probably have to to reach your goal. Youre shooting for 750-800 hp with the 2 stages of sauce. I seriously doubt you will be able to reach that with any type of stock head. They are just too inefficient. Now you can do many things with stock rods. But why chance it on this level of power. Would it be cheaper to upgrade during the build or to have to yank the motor again to tear everything down because your stock rods failed.

I think you can get very near youre 500 na hp goal with 351 cubes. I would go with a slight overbore .030 maybe, I think this will take the cubes up to 355. It will take more compression and more rpms than with the bigger strokers. But I think it is doable.

Just my .10 cause my .02 are free.
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