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I just updated to a Mustang "Large Case" 3g. I dealt with Mike (grn92conv) from the Corral.

A great experience! Dealing with Mike (grn92conv) was very professional. Since I am converting a TBird to the Mustang alternator he helped point me in the right direction for my cars needs. I had originally contacted him for one of his "Small Case" 3G 130 amp alternators. Mike asked me my purpose in going to the Mustang alternator and I told him the stock 5.0 LX alternator would not hold voltage at idle. He told me the "Small Case 3G 130 amp would have the same problem. (15-20 amps at idle). He then offered to sell me a 46mm pulley for my stock alternator for $11 and that would improve my situation by 20 amps or so at idle. I responded that would still not be enough as I intend to install the Courier V6 fan and I needed to power that aswell. We ended up with the "Large Case" Mustang 3G fan with the 46mm pulley. It tested at 116 amps at idle. I really feel it is a custom setup. Have't installed yet (over baby sitting grandkids) but I know the package has arrived at home on a very timely basis. Great price on "American" made! Better kit than PA also at $100 less! Total cost of the alternator, booster wiring, 46mm pulley, and shipping was $165.70.

Thanks Mike!

As usual, another great experience with Lonnie at Blue Oval Chips! I bought one of his brackets:

to complete the install of the Mustang alternator into the TBird. Ordered Sunday. Received an email back late Sunday and it was shipped Monday. Thanks Lonnie.

I am going to start tuning on this car with a Moates QuarterHorse. The one thing I have heard over and over while studying through Greg Banish's books,, and now starting on the forums, is how important a solid charging system is b4 even starting to tune. I know that now, if I idle for more than a couple of minutes at nite, in traffic, the car will start to miss. I have a couple of lazy injectors that stop firing when voltages drop to far. I am hoping this will stop this until I can install the new 24's that I already have for the H/C/I upgrade.

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